Old Bay Vodka Is Real, and We Need to Know If It’s as Good as the Seasoning

Old Bay goes perfectly with everything!

Did you know Old Bay seasoning originated in Baltimore? (Just like these other recipes from Maryland.) Old Bay is a popular spice blend consisting of black pepper, paprika, celery salt, red pepper flakes and a whole lot more. If you’ve never had it, I can’t recommend it enough—it’s got just the right amount of kick that complements a variety of recipes (including lots and lots of seafood).

But what about Old Bay vodka? Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, you need to try it!

Ever wondered what vodka is made from? We’ve got the answer.

What Can I Do With Old Bay Vodka?

More than you could ever dream of, but we’ll give you a little taste. This soon-to-be classic drink can be used in both beverages and meals. You can check out the brand’s entire recipe list, but for now, here are a few of our faves:

  • Vodka Ginger Spritz: Blend Old Bay vodka, ginger beer, lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning for a mixed drink that makes the perfect pick-me-up. I can see myself sipping this!
  • Old Bay Vodka Grapefruit Soda: Old Bay vodka, fresh ruby red grapefruit juice and club soda combined for a citrus sipper with a spicy kick. This might just be the drink of my dreams.
  • Gnocchi Alla Old Bay Vodka: You can make this classic potato gnocchi dish with Old Bay, cream, tomato and garlic for an easy, delicious dinner.
  • Rigatoni with Crab: If you’re a die-hard seafood fan, you’ll be absolutely living for this dish. Everyone knows Old Bay and seafood go hand-in-hand, and for good reason! This recipe calls for  garlic, cream, tomato and Old Bay for a lovely meal to enjoy with friends and family.

Where Can I Get a Bottle?

This special spirit is set to be released in mid-March 2022. However, there’s already a portion of the brand’s website that will explain where to find Old Bay vodka as soon as it hits stores. Keep an eye out at your local liquor store for the official release. You definitely won’t want to miss this!

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How to Cook with Old Bay Seasoning
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