How to Make an Oatmeal Cookie Drink Like a Bartender

Updated: Nov. 27, 2019

It's the perfect season to discover the deliciousness of an oatmeal cookie drink. Read on to see how you can perfect your recipe.

Loved Grandma’s oatmeal cookies? Well, there’s now a way you can enjoy it in cocktail form. By combining liquor that’s flavored with cinnamon, cream and butterscotch, the drink ends up tasting like the classic dessert you enjoyed growing up.

There are quite a few ways you can make an oatmeal cookie drink. We’ll share our basic recipe first, then offer up a few fun adjustments to make it your own.

How to Make Our Oatmeal Cookie Drink


Equal parts:

  • Irish cream, like Baileys
  • Goldschlager, or other cinnamon schnapps
  • Butterscotch schnapps

Don’t forget to take a peek at our list of everything you need for a home bar setup.


Step 1: Mix the ingredients

Pour 1 or 1-1/2 ounces of each of the three liqueurs above into a chilled and/or ice-filled cocktail shaker. Then, shake well.

Don’t have a shaker? Check out our recommendations for the best cocktail shakers for your home bar. You can also stir in a large glass, until evenly mixed.

Step 2: Serve with a flourish

Pour into a rocks glass over ice (or if shaken with ice, strain into a lovely coupe glass).

Be sure to garnish. Top your drink off with an oatmeal cookie, brown sugar the rim, throw in a cinnamon stick or add a dollop of whipped cream. Just make sure to have fun with it!

Oatmeal cookie drink with garnishJennifer Schwarzkopf for Taste of Home

Oatmeal Cookie Drink Variations

1. Extra Merry Oatmeal Cookie Drink

For a punchier version (read: more potent), try mixing the following five liqueurs in equal measure:

  • Baileys
  • Goldschlager
  • Kahlua
  • RumChata
  • Jagermeister

Editor’s Tip: You can use rum in place of the RumChata for a less sweet and creamy version.

2. RumChata’s Quick Oatmeal Cookie Drink

If you like to keep things simple, try this variation—it’s RumChata’s own oatmeal cookie recipe. It skips the butterscotch schnapps, which many of us don’t keep stocked in our liquor cabinet.

  • 1 part RumChata
  • 1 part Goldschlager
  • A splash of Jagermeister

3. Fireball Oatmeal Cookie Drink

Last but not least, try this recipe which includes the ever-popular Fireball.

  • 1 part Fireball whisky
  • 1 part Irish cream
  • 2 parts coffee liqueur
  • 3 parts butterscotch schnapps

This recipe works well, as it has lots of creaminess and sweetness from the Irish cream plus coffee liqueur to temper the bite of Fireball. Find more drink ideas for Fireball.

Whichever version becomes your personal go-to, make sure to share your oatmeal cookie drink with those you love. It’s a delicious welcome that will make your guests feel right at home!

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