Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafer Puddings Exist—Here’s Where to Find Them

The crumbles on top deserve a chef's kiss.

Looking back on my middle school lunches (which my dad would make for me every day), I remember lovingly made PB&J sandwiches, a neatly cut apple, a juice box and maybe even a few Dunkaroos. Every once in a while he’d switch it up and throw in some grapes or a cheese stick…or pudding. Now, I’ve never disliked pudding. I just always found the chocolate and vanilla flavors to be so mundane.

So then, color me interested when some unique new flavors showed up to the party: Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafer!

What Makes This Pudding Such a Treat?

If you’re a cookie and peanut butter lovin’ fiend, there’s no doubt in my mind you already know and love the Nutter Butter. Just earlier this year, they announced double-stuffed Nutter Butters that most definitely rocked my peanut butter world.

On the other hand, Nilla Wafers are one of the most versatile cookies out there. You can eat a few as a snack (or the whole box), crush them up as a pie crust or layer them into homemade banana pudding. The crunchy texture combined with the subtly sweet vanilla flavor makes them so hard to resist.

Boy, do I have some news for you! Instagram user @junkfoodonthego revealed both brand-new pudding flavors not too long ago.

As expected, the Nilla Wafer includes banana pudding with Nilla Wafer crumbles on top. Um…yes please! The Nutter Butter flavor includes chocolate peanut butter pudding complete with Nutter Butter crumbles. Both come in packages of four and look way too good to resist.

Where to Find the New Flavors

They’ve officially been spotted at Stop & Shop, but should be at other retailers like Winn-Dixie, Walmart and Giant Eagle. No doubt these will find their way to grocery stores nationwide, though, so keep your eyes peeled next time you take a shopping trip. What I would have given to have a few of these in my middle school lunches!

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