Nightfood Is the Ice Cream You Can Enjoy at Any Hour

Your fear of nightly cravings is no more! Nightfood is the sleep expert-approved ice cream that won't keep you up after a midnight snack.

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If you’re guilty of sneaking spoonfuls of ice cream at 3 a.m., your dreams have just come true. You don’t have to fight your sweet tooth anymore!

We know it’s smart to avoid nighttime snacking because eating can make us restless when it’s time for bed. Nightfood is the low-calorie ice cream you can eat before bedtime WITHOUT the consequences—and it’s one of our favorite artisan ice cream brands.

How It Works

The secret to “sleep-friendly” Nightfood is in the ingredients. Anything added to traditional ice cream (extra sugar and caffeine) to keep you up at night was cut from this sleepy-time ice cream’s production.

That said, Nightfood isn’t technically a sleep aid. It can’t make you sleepy, since there are no medications included in the ingredients. Like frozen yogurt and other low-fat ice creams, it’s just a tasty treat with less sugar and all the flavor of regular ice cream.

These foods deliver a good night’s sleep, too.

The Many Flavors of Nightfood

Nightfood has released eight flavors so far, and they sound seriously incredible. Midnight Chocolate and Full Moon Vanilla are no-brainers, but the other unique ice cream flavors in their lineup are what really catch our eye. For instance, Bed and Breakfast is the frozen equivalent to maple syrup sandwiched between fluffy waffle chunks. YUM! Nightfood has cravings covered with more flavors like:

  • After Dinner Mint Chip
  • Cold Brew Decaf
  • Cookies N’ Dreams
  • Milk & Cookie Dough
  • Cherry Eclipse

We don’t know about you, but that Cold Brew Decaf is calling our name.

Psst: You shouldn’t eat these foods before bed.

Here’s Where to Find It

While there are other sugar-free ice cream options available in stores, Nightfood can’t be found in the frozen section just yet. If you want a taste, you’ll have to order online. The nighttime ice cream is available on their website, or you can snag your favorite flavor from Amazon.

The folks at Nightfood also want you to know you can take this form to your local supermarket and request their products.

Here's What You Can Do with Your Pint of Nightfood
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