5 Things to Do on New Year’s Eve With Your Family

Long gone are the days of hailing a cab at midnight in your party dress! But you can wear sweatpants and still host a killer New Year's Eve celebration for all ages to enjoy.

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So perhaps your New Year’s traditions have been less outrageous since you’ve had kids. The days of endless primping, wearing clothes that were never appropriate for the weather and drinking fancy cocktails are long gone. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over!

Here are five New Year’s Eve party ideas your whole family can enjoy:

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Play Dress-Up

Before New Year’s, take a family outing to the local thrift shop. Set a specific dollar amount that everyone can spend and make guidelines for their purchases. For example, be a favorite movie character, go back to an era in time (think ’90s) or choose the fanciest clothes possible.

To really up the ante, pick names out of a hat and shop for the assigned family member. On New Year’s Eve, dress up in your thrift shop finds and have a dinner party starring these New Year’s recipes.

Host a Cookie Swap

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Ask family friends to bring a batch to share. Prep a hot chocolate bar—regular and spiked—and use these dunkable cookies as a side dish. Everyone can go home with a mixed tray of cookies.

Don’t forget our tips for hosting an unforgettable cookie swap!

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Ring in the New Year at Noon

If you have little ones in your crew, the reality of making it until midnight (heck, even 10 p.m.!) is slim to none. Close all your curtains and pretend it’s 12 midnight instead of 12 noon. Find a faraway time zone that’s already celebrating the New Year and watch the festivities online. Toast with your favorite mocktail.

Have a Movie Marathon

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For your New Year’s Eve movie marathon, have everyone pick a favorite flick. Depending on how many are in your family, set the last movie to end just a few moments before midnight. Prep these awesome movie treats to snack on during the show and during “intermission” as each movie ends and another begins. Most importantly, don’t forget the homemade popcorn!

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Start a Gratitude Jar

Begin a new tradition on the last night of the year. Since expressing gratitude has been a proven key to continued happiness, have every family member write down what they are thankful for on a piece of paper whenever the mood strikes them throughout the year. Then fold them up and put them in the jar. Next New Year’s Eve, dump out the jar and review what was so awesome about the past year.

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