White Claw Just Dropped Fresh New Flavors, and We’re Trying Them All

Three new White Claw flavors are here, and we're sipping on nothing else this summer.

If you’re like us and love to indulge in a boozy beverage now and then, you’ve probably heard of White Claw. White Claw is everyone’s go-to sipper right now, and for good reason! It offers a variety of fruity flavors, from Natural Lime to Black Cherry, and we couldn’t help but give it an honorable mention in our hard seltzer taste test. For those of you who have exhausted all your White Claw flavor options, here’s something else to sip on poolside this summer.

Three new White Claw flavors are hitting shelves, each more indulgent than the last. (We don’t know about you, but we’re getting a 12-pack ASAP.)

You Asked, and White Claw Delivered

Fans of White Claw have been chanting for new flavors for a while now, and the roster is officially packed with all the bubbly goodness we could ask for. Joining the lineup are Lemon, Watermelon and Tangerine. It’s White Claw’s second collection of flavors, pulling together subtle and sweet hints of summer fruits.

The new White Claw flavors were announced via Instagram earlier this week. According to commenters, these are poised to be the best flavors yet!

White Claw only has 100 calories per can, 2 grams of carbs and, to top it all off, every flavor is gluten-free. The new White Claw flavors are set to join Mango in a 12-count variety pack. There’s no word yet if they’ll be sold separately, but we’re thinking they’ll have to hit shelves on their own soon.

FYI: Coke just released AHA sparkling water.

Where to Find Your Claw

There’s no need to wait for the temperatures to rise, because Lemon, Watermelon and Tangerine White Claws are available at retailers right now. If you’re having a hard time finding them near you, then use White Claw’s nifty store locator. You can pick up a 12-count variety pack for $16, depending on your location.

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