There are 8 New Flavors of Marshmallow Peeps. Will You Try Them?

We're intrigued by these new Easter treats. Are you?

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Over the years, Peeps have become synonymous with Easter. The brightly colored, sugary-sweet bird shaped marshmallows seem to sneak onto our Easter dessert table whether we like it or not. This year, Peeps has introduced eight new flavors to indulge in on Easter Sunday. Check ’em out.

Pancakes and Syrup

Photo: Marshmallow Peeps

Maple flavoring is hitting the culinary industry hard in new and expecting ways. No longer is it associated exclusively with a breakfast meal, and the new pancakes-and-syrup peeps are the company’s nod to the movement. To give them a try, just head on over to your local Kroger, where they are sold exclusively.

Sour Cherry

Photo: Marshmallow Peeps

One of the other flavors receiving just as much excitement is the new sour cherry peep, which, unlike the others, are sold nationwide in just about every retailer.

Mystery Flavors

Photo: Marshmallow Peeps

In addition to the pancakes Peeps, three new mystery flavors are available only at Walmart. There’s been lots of speculation as to what exactly these three flavors represent and we’ve seen a lot of root beer, spearmint and lemon floating around on social media.

One Twitter follower, Misty @Mistyandbrandon said,

“We tried #MysteryPeeps and were pretty sure we know the flavors. 1- Rootbeer, 2- Lemon Lime and 3- Blue Raspberry. Now when do we find out @PEEPSBrand ?”

Peeps Delights Exclusively at Target

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And lastly, sold exclusively at Target are the three new Peeps flavors that include neopolitan-filled, and the fudge-dipped orange sherbet and lemon sherbet. So, what are you waiting for?

How to Upgrade a Box of Marshmallow Peeps

Consider building these adorable kid-friendly bird houses made with graham cracker and decorated with jellybeans to house your chick shaped treats.

Get more ideas here.
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