This New Mountain Dew Flavor Tastes JUST Like Birthday Cake

Here's to the all the things we couldn't "dew" in 2020!

So many different Mountain Dew flavors have been introduced since the soda was first invented in the 1940s—over 35 different flavors to be exact! The soda has remained a fan-favorite for decades due to its classic citrus recipe and hearty kick of caffeine, but we love to sample the flavor innovations. Remember when Code Red first came out?! And we love to see a comeback of some Mountain Dew classics like Mtn Dew Pitch Black.

Now, the folks at PepsiCo knew we needed a pick-me-up after all the things we missed in 2020. That’s why they’re rewarding us with a brand-new Mountain Dew flavor: Cake Smash!

It’s Time to Celebrate with the New Mountain Dew Flavor

Mountain Dew has introduced mystery flavors and tangy lemonade before, but they’ve never done a flavor quite like this. We’re wading into birthday cake territory. This flavor is all over the snack scene (hello, birthday cake Kit Kats), but can you truthfully say you’ve ever had it as a beverage? And Mountain Dew is no stranger to cake-flavored beverages with its Mountain Dew Fruit Quake AKA, fruit-cake flavored Mountain Dew

PepsiCo says this cake-flavored soda is a tribute to everything we weren’t able to celebrate in 2020. Whether that be birthdays, weddings, graduations or other personal moments, it doesn’t matter. Everything worth celebrating deserves a sip of Cake Smash!

How Can I Get a Can?

Cake Smash is currently set to release in summer 2021, although an official date has not yet been revealed. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give it a go sooner rather than later, right? It’s a flavor I have no intention of missing!

You can also enter the “DEW Do-Over Sweepstakes” between June 25 and July 2 to win two cans of the new Cake Smash flavor, as well as $1,000 in “Party Funds.” Just follow @MountainDew on Twitter and tag them in your favorite celebratory moments and personal events of 2020 with the hashtags #DEWDoOver and #Sweepstakes.

Melany Love
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