M&M’s Is Debuting 3 Amazing New Flavors

M&M's has three new flavors for 2019 and we're craving the goods already—especially Mexican Jalapeño!

We’re still over here dreaming about the Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s—so good—but M&M’s is already thinking up fresh new flavors. Look out for candy-coated chocolates with a side of jalapeño heat!

You read that right. Because regular ol’ peanut M&M’s and sweet-meets-salty is so “been there, ate that,” Mars has upped the ante with a Mexican Jalapeño flavor.

What are the new M&M’s flavors?

Hot peppers not your thing? No problem. The flavorful M&M’s release includes three equally delectable options:

  • Mexican Jalapeño Peanut
  • Thai Coconut Peanut
  • English Toffee Peanut

The internationally inspired flavors will only be available as peanut M&M’s, and are expected to hit the shelf in early 2019, though the company remains hush-hush on specifics.

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SAY WHAT?! The next M&M’s vote is for “Internationally Inspired Flavors.” The one flavor circulating the interwebs right now is Mexican Jalapeño Peanut. Yeah, I’d eat that. Edit: @snackchatlive has the scoop on all 3! The other two are English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut!

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We’re divided about the Mexican Jalapeño M&M’s

We’re especially obsessed with the Mexican Jalapeño M&M’s, which look tempting with bright yellow and dark green candy shells. It’s going to be sweet and crunchy with a subtle spicy bite; an intriguing taste that might have us sprinkling out one handful of Mexican Jalapeño M&M’s after another. But then again—maybe not. We’ll see!

Why your opinion matters

While we’re on the lookout for an official release date, make plans to conduct an informal taste test at home. The new M&M’s are limited-edition flavors, and Mars plays close attention to which ones people love. Can’t get enough of that Thai coconut and milk chocolate combo? Tempted by all things English toffee-inspired? You will be able to cast your vote, making sure it stays on the shelf.

We’ll be doing a repeat of our taste test with the 2018 flavors for “research purposes.” Until the new M&M’s flavors are available, we’ll make do with a batch of tasty M&M’s cookies.

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