Peppermint Bark Oreos Are Coming for the Holidays, and We Couldn’t Be Jollier

The new Oreos promise to bring peppermint bark flavor, so we're excited about that!

Get in the Christmas spirit, Oreo fans! Following its successful Rocky Road and Strawberry Shortcake cookies, Oreo has created a limited edition Peppermint Bark flavor for the holidays. There’s no word on the rumors about Most-Stuf Oreos, but the Peppermint Bark launch gives us all something festive to look forward to!

What We Know About the New Oreos

The new Oreos are inspired by the classic holiday treat, peppermint bark. While there’s no information from Nabisco, we know about the goods thanks to some sleuthy Instagrammers. The Oreos are made with real cocoa, and the peppermint-flavored creme has crunchy red sugar crystals so it’s like biting into peppermint bark.

According to one of these Oreo super-fans, the cookies will be on shelves October 29, so be on the lookout for them before the Halloween cookies are even gone from shelves!

Why We Love Oreo

We’re so glad we can count on Oreo to always release something fun for each season, like a bite-size Halloween candy, and the Peppermint Bark Oreos definitely check all the boxes for a holiday cookie.

But we’re not the only people excited for these Oreos to hit shelves:

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