This Heath Ice Cream Cake Makes It Feel Like Your Birthday Every Day

This Heath ice cream cake is a toffee lover's dream!

The best treat for a hot summer day is ice cream cake, because, well, it’s made with both ice cream and cake. The best of both worlds! But could anything make this wonderful dessert better? Yep. Just add your favorite candy bar.

The new Heath ice cream cake brings English toffee and milk chocolate into the mix for a fun-filled dessert. Even if it’s not your birthday, we can’t blame you for serving up this delightful frozen treat.

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Tell me more about this toffee-filled treat

The Heath ice cream cake is a toffee lover’s dream come true. If you’re not already familiar, a Heath bar is English toffee covered in milk chocolate. This ice cream cake has two layers of vanilla ice cream with a thick layer of crushed Heath bar in between. The cake is then topped with chocolate icing, a chocolate drizzle and even more bits of Heath bar. So indulgent!

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Where can I find this Heath ice cream cake?

Good news for Heath lovers. You can find this delicious ice cream cake in plenty of grocery stores and supermarkets, including Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Meijer, Acme and Tops. You can even use this product locator to find your closest store with Heath ice cream cakes.

It might be tempting to try and eat this entire cake by yourself, but this treat is large enough to serve nine people. And for only $15.99, this cake is a steal. Happy Heath-ing!

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