Diet Coke Is Channeling the Tropics with Two More New Flavors

Diet foods can be pretty drab, but Coca-Cola is here to help. We can't WAIT to try them.

In 1982, Diet Coke gave us that classic Coca-Cola flavor without the extra sugar. In 2019, they’re giving us two fresh new flavors.

Here Are the New Flavors of Diet Coke

You might remember when we tried the wackiest Diet Coke flavors of last year—Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Zesty Blood Orange. They must have performed pretty well, because Diet Coke is back with some brand new flavors. This time, though, they’re giving us the taste of summer by welcoming Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Guava into their roster. We couldn’t be more excited to give them a try!

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The Meaning of Aesthetically Pleasing

The Diet Coke we grew up with stood not-so-tall in a silver can. This new line, though, is very easy on the eye—thin and sleek. Something about the color palette makes these new flavors sound even more delicious. Strawberry Guava is the pink they were lacking, and Diet Coke guarantees the taste is top quality. Blueberry Acai (pronounced ah-sah-eeee, Coke wants you to know) adds some deep blue balance to the line. According to their descriptions, you’ll be mentally beachside after the first sip. We’re going to hold them to that.

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They’re Available Sooner Than You Think

Can’t wait to try these flavors? You don’t have to. Well, you might, but not for very long. These new Diet Coke flavors will be officially released this month, and you should be able to find them pretty quick. It doesn’t look like Strawberry Guava and Blueberry Acai are listed online just yet, but if the current flavors’ prices are anything to go off of, we think you’ll be able to grab a 12-pack for around $4.99 at Target. Until they’re officially released, it looks like we’ll be longing for the beach and that sweet, tangy taste. Will you give them a try?

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