Chips Ahoy! Just Revealed Its Brand-New Cookies Made with Golden Candy Chips

It's time to make some room in the pantry.

It’s obvious that we like to keep tabs on the latest trends in the snack food world. But we’re especially excited to see news about chocolate chip cookies. (In the name of research, we’ve even ranked store-bought cookies to let our readers know which brand reigns supreme.)

Chips Ahoy! has been making a pretty classic chocolate chip cookie since 1963, the year it debuted. The most dramatic change so far has been the number of chips in each cookie—Chips Ahoy! started as “the 16-chip cookie” but now each one has roughly 24 chips.

But the most recent drop from Chips Ahoy! combines its classic flavor with a subtle twist. And no, it’s not the brand’s new birthday confetti cookies. It’s time to look for the brand-new Chips Ahoy! Golden Candy Chip cookies.

They’ve Got Golden Candy Chips

Even if you’re a devout chocolate-chip-only kind of person, hear us out. The latest recipe has a tiny twist—golden candy chips. So, the recipe hasn’t changed dramatically, and we can assure you that these classic Chips Ahoy! cookies combined with golden candy morsels are worth the taste.

In collaboration with the next season of America’s Got Talent, the new limited edition cookies are dubbed “Chip’s Got Talent.” The golden chips are a nod to the famous golden buzzer, which is given only to the judges’ favorite contestants and protects them from elimination until later on in the season.

When Can I Buy ‘Em?

With the next season of America’s Got Talent set to air in June, the Chips Ahoy! Golden Candy Chip cookies will mostly likely hit shelves in May 2021. You can expect to find them at any grocery or convenience store that already carries Chips Ahoy! treats.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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