If You Like Halo Top, You’re Going to Love These New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Now you'll only feel half as guilty eating the entire pint!

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When it comes to picking up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, it always comes down to the following dilemma: Do I be good and grab that frozen yogurt version, or just go for the full-fat delicious pint? Well with the new flavors that have recently been announced, that dilemma will no longer be your grocery store reality!

On February 7, 2018, Ben & Jerry’s announced three new low-calorie flavors that sound absolutely divine. These pints total at 140 to 160 calories a serving, with four servings per pint. Typically a regular pint of Ben & Jerry’s will sit at 250 calories a serving, so this cuts that calorie intake by a significant amount.

The new flavors will bring you back to your milk-and-cookie days as a kid, with three cookie-inspired flavors that are perfect for a late-night treat. The first flavor is Chocolate Milk & Cookies, with the irresistible flavor of chocolate milk, vanilla and chocolate chip cookies wrapped up in each delicious bite. The second flavor is Caramel Cookie Fix­—a divine swirl of vanilla, salted caramel and shortbread cookies. And last, but certainly not least, is P.B. Dough. Filled with chocolate and gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough, this third flavor will surely be a hit for anyone who loves Ben & Jerry’s original Peanut Butter World.

Even though Halo Top also released new flavors, these new Ben & Jerry’s low-calorie flavors will certainly give them a run for their money. Or as Ben & Jerry’s says for these three new flavors, it will bring customers into a “moo-phoria”.

If you can’t find them at your local grocery store or pharmacy right away, no sweat. You can order these three flavors online or even find a scoop shop serving these flavors near you.

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