Target Releases 100+ Readymade Dinners That Will Fix Your Busy Nights

Archer Farms (one of Target's house brands) recently released more than 100 prepared meals—all priced between $2.99 and $8.99!

The best-case scenario is that you start each week with a thoughtful meal plan. But it’s not always easy to stick to—especially on crazy-busy days. Tar-zhay to the rescue! Target now has a line of “easy meal offerings” from Archer Farms. It includes more than 100 products with everything from ready-to-heat grilled fajita chicken strips, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, apple pecan quinoa salad and more. It’s priced between $2.99 and $8.99, so should be cheaper than going out to eat. Here’s why you (and I!) spend so much at Target.

That sounds pretty on-brand for Target. They already have everything else you need, so an expanded in-house food brand with trend-happy foods is no surprise!

Archer chicken and ravioliTarget

What’s on the Menu?

The expansive Archer Farms array includes full meals, ready-to-heat meats, salads, pasta, side dishes and soups. Here are some of the stand-out items from the new collection:

The products are designed to mix-and-match one another or to help along from-scratch cooking. Here’s some inspiration for semi-homemade dinners:

There are seriously so many ways to make meals work! For more budget-friendly ideas, check out our family dinners that are all $10 or less.

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