Nestlé Is Bringing Back White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough for Valentine’s Day!

Nestlé is reintroducing its fan favorite for the season of love, and we couldn't be more infatuated!

We didn’t think it was possible, but cookies just got better. Nestlé is here for your Valentine’s Day cravings with the return of White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough!

This Is Why We Can’t Get Enough

First of all, we need to agree that lemon is a daring and HIGHLY underrated flavor. Lemon bread and lemon bars are like magic in your mouth. Nestlé’s incorporation of creamy white chocolate is brilliant, too. Packed with chips, this unique and yummy cookie promises a tasty tang that you’ll fall in love with.

The White Chip Lemon dough is making a limited edition return after Nestlé introduced it last year, and we’re welcoming it back with open arms (and ovens).

White chocolate is a Valentine’s Day necessity!

It’s Home for the Holidays

Unfortunately for all you lemon lovers out there, Nestlé is offering this flavor only for a limited time. We won’t be seeing White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough on shelves until around Valentine’s Day. (Keep an eye out at your local Target or go-to supermarket!)

There’s some good news, though! We don’t get to keep it for long, but the white chocolate lemony goodness will be around until Easter. You’ll have a little more than two months to get your hands on them. Talk about sweet!

Here’s What It’ll Cost You

There have been some scattered rumors that White Chip Lemon has been stocked in stores already, but your chances of finding them are much higher closer to Valentine’s Day. The best method is to keep an eye out at your local grocery store. Nestlé White Chip Lemon cookies will sell at $2.99 a package with 24 cookies. You just break apart the pre-scored dough and bake!

If you can’t wait much longer for your favorite fruity flavor, here’s a quick and easy lemon bread recipe to stave off those cravings.

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