Nestle Is Now Making Mini Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Perfect for Snacking

Looking for a bite-sized snack? This is what you need.

It might be the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming of warm weather. If the summer sun is the only thing on your mind, this treat is the perfect thing to transport you to the beach. Nestle Toll House now makes adorable mini cookie ice cream sandwiches!

This Is What You Need to Know

Nestle has always blown us away with their delightful baking chips and famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. Their cookie dough is a classic, too (especially this five-pound tub of cookie dough from Costco). Now, with the new mini chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, you get all of the deliciousness of creamy ice cream and Nestle Toll House cookies in one bite.

Based on the package, these ice cream sandwiches really are bite-sized, so we’ll definitely be indulging in two or three…or four. Each box has 12 mini sandwiches, though, so it’s enough to share.

Where Can I Find the Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Ready to take a trip to grocery store to stock up? Instagrammer @snackstalker spotted these mini cookie ice cream sandwiches at Kroger. Nestle hasn’t released any other information about where you can find these treats, so keep checking out the freezer aisle to search for them.

If you can’t find these mini ice cream sandwiches in stores, you can get creative and learn how to make your own ice cream sandwich. Happy snacking!

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