Nestle’s New Chocolate Curls Will Transform Your Cupcakes in 5 Seconds (Or Less!)

With Nestle's chocolate curls, your cupcakes will definitely steal the show at any bake sale.

There’s nothing more satisfying than frosting a cake perfectly or getting a flawless dollop of icing on top of a cupcake. Still, when it comes to decorating desserts, there’s more to it than just a rich buttercream frosting. Nestle’s chocolate curls are what you need to become a master baker.

Tell me more about ’em!

The chocolate curls come in three different flavors and colors. Nestle is making milk chocolate curls (of course!) and white chocolate curls, but what’s really exciting to us is the red and white chocolate curls. They’re made of white chocolate and look like candy canes, so they will be perfect for holiday baking in the winter. You can definitely use them during the Christmas season or around Valentine’s Day. The chocolate curls are made with 100% real chocolate (or white chocolate) and vanilla, so it should be good stuff.

While you’re picking up the latest and greatest baking products, don’t forget to grab a bag of espresso chocolate chips.

What can you do with chocolate curls?

Decorate to your heart’s desire! The curls are perfect for adding flair to your cakes and cupcakes. Although you can make your own chocolate curls, this saves you so much time. We recommend using curls as a topping for a chocolate silk pie or an almond chocolate torte. You can also use them on cupcakes to create bakery-style decorations in no time. If you’re experimenting with the red and white curls, add them to a cup of homemade hot cocoa to keep you warm.

I’m ready to decorate! Where can I buy some?

Look for these decorative curls at Hy-Vee, Publix, Giant Eagle, Meijer and Schnucks Markets. You can find the chocolate and white chocolate curls in stores now, but you might need to wait until holiday season for the red and white curls. Each 3.8-ounce container of chocolate curls is only $4, so we’re sold.

Not feeling like chocolate curls are quite fancy enough? Find more bakery-inspired decorating ideas.

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