The Best Deals for National Fast Food Day

Here's where to celebrate this year.

How do you celebrate National Fast Food Day? With fast food, of course! Paired with an incredible deal, that fast food is even tastier. Don’t worry, America’s favorite fast food chain is indeed on the list, along with many other delicious places to grab some grub all day long. Here’s where to snag some grub on National Fast Food Day on Nov. 16, 2018.

McDonald’s: This popular burger chain just started a new $6 Classic Meal Deal. Get one of any of the four classic sandwiches, a soft drink of any size, a small fry, and a pie!

Burger King: Although Burger King is known for, well, burgers, you may want to consider having breakfast at BK this year. Burger King is offering three of their Golden Fluffy Pancakes for just 89 cents!

Wendy’s: Did we hear you say “fries”?! Wendy’s is offering any size fries you want for just $1! Sounds like the perfect snack. Unless, of course, you want a meal, which is what Wendy’s 4 for $4 is for!

Hardees: Don’t feel like having a burger? Hardees serves a $5 meal deal with two Hot Ham ’N’ Cheese sandwiches!

Taco Bell: If you thought a $2 meal didn’t exist, well, think again. The healthiest fast food around, Taco Bell offers a $2 Beefy Crunch Burrito Duo where you get a Beefy Crunch Burrito and a medium fountain drink of your choice.

Chick-Fil-A: The iconic chicken chain may not have a specific deal going on at the moment, but if you’re craving Chick-Fil-A, you may as well download the Chick-Fil-A One app. Rack up points with every purchase and redeem free stuff from Chick-Fil-A when you hit point milestones!

Shake Shack: For a limited time, Shake Shack’s offering their coveted Hot Chick’n sandwich for a limited time. You can also snag one of their three new holiday milkshake flavors for a limited time: Chocolate Peppermint, Christmas Cookie and White Mocha.

KFC: If the $5 Fill Ups wasn’t enough of a deal already, you may want to hit up KFC for their new Chicken & Waffles deal!

Dunkin’: Snack time is especially delicious at Dunkin’ where you can get $2 snack items! Choose from a variety of menu items, including those Donut Fries, chicken tenders, pretzel bites, a brownie, or even two ham and cheese roll-ups!

Starbucks: How can you not want to take advantage of Starbucks Happy Hour, especially when all of those delicious holiday drinks are on the menu? Sign up for Starbucks’ Happy Hour email list for exclusive deals.

Pizza Hut: Looking to have a pizza night? You can either order a large pizza with two toppings of your choice for $7.99, or order anything from the Pizza Hut $5 lineup! Buy two or more items on the lineup to get the $5 deals, which include a medium 1-topping pizza, 8-piece breaded bone-out wings, Tuscani pasta, breadsticks, stuffed garlic knots, Cinnabon mini rolls, four 20-oz. bottled sodas and even the ultimate HERSEY’S chocolate chip cookie!

Dairy Queen: Along with serving a decadent Hot Chocolate Oreo Blizzard, Dairy Queen’s Hungry-Up Deals sound like the perfect lunch deal for your hungry self. The meal comes with fries, a mini Blizzard, and chicken tenders. The “Hungry-ish” comes with a 3-piece chicken tender for $4, the “Hungry” involves a 4-piece for $5, and the “Hangry” is a 5-piece for $6.

Sonic: Can you actually say no to a $1 hot dog? Probably not, which is why Sonic’s $1 hot dog is an absolute steal. You can grab either their All-American Dog or the Chili Cheese Coney for just $1, while also enjoying half price drinks and slushies when you order through the Sonic app.

Arby’s: At Arby’s, order the gyros. No, seriously! Arby’s is offering 2 for $6 gyros! You can either order the Roast Beef Gyro, the Traditional Greek Gyro or the Turkey Gyro.

Panda Express: Panda is celebrating 35 years of being a family-owned establishment by offering customers 35 percent off online orders! You can order now on Panda Express by using the promo 35YEARS.

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