Disney+ Is Finally Releasing a Full Version of ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’

"When Love Is Gone" is officially back!

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Everyone’s got a favorite Christmas movie that they revisit every year. You can even track the most popular Christmas movie by state. I’ve always been a big fan of Home Alone as my go-to watch, but every year in college, my roommates and I would watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. The movie was originally released in 1992 and was the first Muppets movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It was also the first Muppets movie produced after the death of creator Jim Henson.

Now Disney has decided to release a full version that includes a previously cut song—and we’re already singing with joy.

The Muppet Christmas Carol Will Have a Fan-Favorite Song Again

“When Love Is Gone” has a bit of a bumpy history. The song was originally to be sung by the character Belle as a direct comment on Scrooge’s love of money over her. However, Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg decided the song was too dull for younger audiences and cut the song from the film, despite objections from Brian Henson, the son of Jim Henson. The song was not included in the theatrical release.

The 1993 VHS and Laserdisc versions of the movie retain the song, along with the 2002 and 2005 DVD versions. Up until now, the digital versions of the movie included the song only as a bonus feature. And while it was believed that the song would not make it back into future releases, Disney has recently confirmed that “When Love Is Gone” will be included in all future 4K versions and the streaming version coming to Disney+ this holiday season. Hallelujah!

Sounds like the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with some Christmas-movie inspired recipes.

When Can I See the Full Version?

Right now, the full version is set to release on December 11, 2022. Make sure you’ve got your holiday plans in place—and a subscription to Disney+. In the meantime, check out all these Christmas cartoon classics and the highly-anticipated Santa Clauses miniseries. It’s going to be a jolly Christmas season indeed!

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