We Tried Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins. Here’s What You Should Know.

A self-described “cookie nut” noshed out on these crunchy new snacks. His findings might surprise you!

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I admit it—I’m a cookie nut. I always have been. I’ll choose a cookie over a piece of cake, a slice of pie or a scoop of ice cream any day. (Yes…even ice cream.)

I’ve found that cookie-lovers can be divided into two groups: Those who like them soft and chewy, and those who need them crisp and crunchy. I fit the later category, so you can image my excitement when I discovered Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins at the grocery store. (Insert chorus of angels singing.) I’ve been a fan of these ultra-thin, ultra-crispy cookies ever since that glorious day. When I learned three new flavors hit the market, I raced to the store. (And by “raced” I mean that I moved as quickly as a cookie-fiend can. After all, cookies aren’t exactly a healthy-man’s staple.)

Here’s what I thought of the three new Cookie Thin snacks:

1. Key Lime Pie Cookie Thins

Thinster Cookie Thins Key Lime PieTaste of Home

Thanks to a brightly colored package promising buttery-colored cookies, these treats had me at “paper or plastic?” I knew I’d love them, and they didn’t disappoint.

The quaint, round cookies offer a delightfully refreshing taste of Key lime in every crunchy bite, and they were loaded with all the buttery goodness I could stand. A must for crisp-cookie lovers, these treats made my eyes roll into the back of my head. Yum! Can’t get enough Key lime? Check out these zingy recipes.

2. Waffle Crisps

Mrs. Thinster Waffle CrispsTaste of Home

I thought I had a million dollar idea when I pondered the need for “breakfast cookies.” When I saw Mrs. Thinster’s Waffle Crisps, I thought the baker herself beat me to the punch and created a sweet treat for early risers.

After a few bites of the cute waffle-shaped cookies, I realized they weren’t modeled after the maple-syrup mainstays at all. The Waffle Crisps were slightly bland but definitely had a familiar flavor. Then hit me—they taste like waffle cones used for ice cream. (Ah! You got me, Mrs. Thinster!) Of course, I could have avoided any confusion had I simply read the cute story on the back of the package about Mrs. Thinster’s love of waffle cones.

Once I recognized the cookies’ flavor, I enjoyed them a bit more and thought they’d be quant alongside a cup of coffee or tea. (If I drank tea, that is.) For the most part, however, the flavor just isn’t worthy of a cookie. And, really, does anyone ever crave the taste of a plain waffle cone? Sorry, Madame Thinster, but I’ll save my waffle cones for ice cream.

3. Cookie Thins Brownie Batter

Mrs. Thinster Brownie CripsTaste of Home

If you enjoy the crispy edges of brownies or the baked-on bits left behind in the pan, this sweet sensation is for you!

I’m not sure if my bag was crushed, but the cookies inside were in tiny irregular pieces, not at all resembling the round cookies on the package. No bother because these little suckers are truly addictive. Not only do they rock with a glass of milk, they’d also be perfect sprinkled over ice cream. (Hmmm….maybe I like ice cream more than I thought.)

A cookie aficionado might scoff at these chocolate sensations, saying they’re more like a bark than a cookie, but I couldn’t stop eating them and practically finished the entire bag in one sitting.

Once my sweet tooth was satisfied, I could truly say that Mrs. Thinster added a nice grouping of products to her line. Some sweeter and more traditional than others, but for the most part it’s clear that there’s a Cookie Thin out there for everyone.

These cookies are made for dunking.
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