Mountain Dew Is Coming Out with a Tangy NEW Raspberry Lemonade Flavor

Mountain Dew Spark is going to light up our lives.

Mountain Dew’s next flavor is no mystery. There’s photo evidence to support it! Based on a leak from an employee at a PepsiCo plant, the next drink is: Mountain Dew Spark with a raspberry lemonade flavor.

What Is This New Mountain Dew?

News about Mountain Dew Spark broke on Reddit when a photo was posted of the bottle containing pink liquid, a yellow cap and race cars on the label. Mountain Dew Spark should taste like “Dew with a blast of raspberry lemonade,” as it says on the label.

Supposedly, this was a sample from a PepsiCo plant, so we hope it actually makes it into production. The original post was deleted, so the fate of Mountain Dew Spark just got even more mysterious!

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This isn’t the first time that Mountain Dew has flirted with a raspberry lemonade. Just a few years ago, the brand released tall pink cans of Mountain Dew Spiked in the refreshing flavor, but it didn’t last for long. The brand has come up with even more unexpected flavors like the new Mountain Dew Fruit Quake AKA, fruit-cake flavored Mountain Dew.

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