This New Mountain Dew Mystery Flavor Should Be Here for Halloween

Can you guess the new Mountain Dew mystery flavor?

We all love a good mystery—and there’s nothing more intriguing than mystery flavors. From Pringles’ mystery-flavored chips to Oreo’s mystery-flavored treat, brands love to keep us all guessing. Turns out Mountain Dew is no different.

The new Mountain Dew mystery flavor is called VooDew and will be out in time for Halloween!

So, What’s the Mystery Flavor?

VooDew is the next in a long line of Mountain Dew flavors. Since it’s a mystery flavor, we can’t say much about what it’ll taste like until the drink hits the supermarket. The drink itself is an opaque white, so that doesn’t give us any clues. But there is a rumor going around that VooDew tastes like an orange creamsicle.

From the name and packaging, it definitely looks Halloween-inspired. The label on the bottle is covered with bright purple and orange. It certainly gives off some spooky vibes with a hooded figure. Doesn’t that just add to the mystery, though?

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When Can I Try VooDew?

Although this is marketed for the Halloween season, VooDew is actually being released in stores in August. On a recent Reddit post, a PepsiCo employee commented that the release date will be August 26. Other Reddit users are saying this product could be in stores as early as August 14. Either way, you’ll be prepared well before Halloween!

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