Mountain Dew Just Released a Limited Edition Soda That’s Packed With Holiday Flavor

Calling all fruitcake fans! Mountain Dew Fruit Quake is officially on shelves for the holidays.

New Mountain Dew Fruit Quake might seem like a truly odd beverage flavor. Fruitcake is not everyone’s favorite holiday food, with a reputation for being dry, hard and bland. (These fruitcake recipes will change your opinion!) But Mountain Dew soda is none of those things, so the company’s taking a bold leap here by mixing up fruitcake and Dew.

What Does Mountain Dew Fruit Quake Taste Like?

The can claims it’s Mountain Dew, “with a blast of artificial fruitcake flavor.” To me, that means nuts, spices and dried fruit–kind of oddball add-ins for a citrus soda. It’s clear that Mountain Dew is making us rethink the way we view the classic holiday dessert.

Food blogger The Impulsive Buy tasted some, and reports that the drink tastes of fruit punch and “a smidge of spices that your taste buds might not even notice.” That may not be a ringing endorsement for fruitcake lovers, but it seems like Mountain Dew is trying not to scare away all the fruitcake haters out there. Fruit punch fans may appreciate the holiday spin.

One of the funnier reviews out there claims that Fruit Quake “tastes how Michael’s craft stores smell.” Michael’s stores smell pretty good to me, kind of like potpourri and candles, but I’m not sure I want to drink that smell. The reviewer elaborated in the comments that the drink “tastes like cinnamon dumped into cranberry juice.” Sounds kind of like a novelty soda to bring to holiday parties

Where Can I Get It?

A representative for Mountain Dew tells me that the new drink is making its way to stores in November. It’s a limited-edition drink, so if you see it and want to try it, grab it now. Unlike real fruitcakes, which seem to last eternally, this flavor won’t be around forever.

Other Limited Edition Mountain Dews On the Market

Whether or not Mountain Dew Fruit Quake appeals to you, it’s easy to stuff your fridge with unusual Mountain Dew flavors. Right now on local store shelves, I spotted Mountain Dew Major Melon, Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple, and Mountain Dew Spark, which is a raspberry lemonade variety. In 2023, classic Mountain Dew is bringing back a flavor from the early 2000s—Mtn Dew Pitch Black—that shoppers will be able to buy.

This summer, a super-limited Mountain Dew Dill Pickle variety was released. In 2021 they released a birthday cake flavor. Plus, the company has regularly offered mystery flavors. A Mountain Dew rep says the mystery flavor Mountain Dew Voo-Doo is still on shelves, but only for a limited time.

Past Mountain Dew holiday flavors have included Mountain Dew Holiday Brew with cherry-flavored Code Red, Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up with cranberry pomegranate-flavored, and Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap’d with a gingerbread flavor—clearly.

There’s also a tasty unconfirmed rumor that Mountain Dew will offer Mountain Dew Cobra Cane in 2023, with a candy-cane flavor. We’ll have to see if that comes true. For now, scoop up Mountain Dew Fruit Quake if you to pair alongside real fruitcake as a holiday gift.

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