This Is the Most-Searched Thanksgiving Stuffing In Every State

The most searched for Thanksgiving stuffing in your state may be surprising.

Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of the year for a foodie, but there’s a whole lot that goes into planning the menu. From how to cook the turkey to what sides to offer, to serving the perfect Thanksgiving dessert, there are many different directions to go in when planning your feast.

But regardless of where you are and how you celebrate Thanksgiving, stuffing is likely one of the stars of the meal. There are many stuffing recipes out there to choose from—and in some cases, you might be searching for the best dressing recipe instead. Whether you call it stuffing or dressing largely depends on what part of the country you’re from. And as it turns out, there are regional trends for how we like to prepare our stuffing, too.

The Most-Searched Stuffing Recipes

Google Trends recently shared a map of 2022’s most uniquely searched Thanksgiving stuffing variation by state. There are some undeniable trends, as meat-based stuffings are more popular in 17 states, while cornbread dressing reigns supreme in 15 states.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Searched In Your State TohCourtesy Google Trends

Which Stuffing Recipes Stood Out?

So, what kinds of recipes do each state search for when cooking this classic Thanksgiving accompaniment?

  • Cornbread stuffing: This is a favorite in 15 states, including Maine, Texas and Oregon. As cornbread goes so well with BBQ, it’s not surprising that Texans would appreciate the ingredient.
  • Sausage stuffing: From Massachusetts to good old New York City, sausage seems the way to go. We like ours with pork sausage, celery, sage and fresh mushrooms.
  • Italian stuffing: There’s probably a Sopranos reference in this, but in New Jersey, Italian stuffing is the most popular. It’s also very popular in the midwest. Italian sausage is the main star of this Thanksgiving dish.
  • Oyster stuffing: This old-fashioned seafood side dish is popular in many states, including South Carolina, Missouri and Kansas.
  • Jell-O stuffing: This is bizarre and something we’ve never heard of, but apparently Oklahoma is rather into it.We’re guessing home cooks are actually searching for a strawberry Jell-O dessert.
  • Turkey fruit stuffing: Is Connecticut used to mixing sweet with savory? Seems so, as they search for turkey fruit stuffing. We love this recipe for Fruit & Nut Andouille Stuffing which is chock full of dried fruit and sausage links.
  • Keto cauliflower stuffing: Apparently, North Dakota is on something of a health kick! If you’re looking for a healthy alternative this holiday, check out these low-carb Thanksgiving recipes.

Here’s the full list of uniquely searched stuffings from each state:

  • Alabama: Cornbread dressing
  • Alaska: Sausage stuffing
  • Arizona: Turkey stuffing
  • Arkansas: Cornbread dressing
  • California: Turkey stuffing
  • Colorado: Sausage cornbread stuffing
  • Connecticut: Turkey fruit stuffing
  • Delaware: Ground sausage stuffing
  • Florida: Cornbread stuffing
  • Georgia: Cornbread dressing
  • Hawaii: Jalapeno cheese stuffing
  • Idaho: Italian sausage stuffing
  • Illinois: Sage dressing
  • Indiana: Cranberry stuffing
  • Iowa: Cornbread stuffing
  • Kansas: Oyster stuffing
  • Kentucky: Soul food stuffing
  • Louisiana: Cornbread dressing
  • Maine: Cornbread stuffing
  • Maryland: Turkey stuffing
  • Massachusetts: Sausage stuffing
  • Michigan: Cornbread dressing
  • Minnesota: Cornmeal dressing
  • Mississippi: Cornbread dressing
  • Missouri: Oyster dressing
  • Montana: Herb andouille sausage sage stuffing
  • Nebraska: Italian stuffing
  • Nevada: Stuffing wrapped in bacon
  • New Hampshire: Turkey stuffing
  • New Jersey: Italian dressing
  • New Mexico: Cornbread dressing
  • New York: Sausage stuffing
  • North Carolina: Sausage dressing
  • North Dakota: Keto cauliflower stuffing
  • Ohio: Cornbread stuffing
  • Oklahoma: Red Jell-O stuffing
  • Oregon: Cornbread dressing
  • Pennsylvania: Stuffing with raisins
  • Rhode Island: French dressing
  • South Carolina: Oyster dressing
  • South Dakota: Sausage stuffing
  • Tennessee: Cornbread dressing
  • Texas: Cornbread dressing
  • Utah: Stuffing with Greek yogurt
  • Vermont: Sage dressing
  • Virginia: Sausage stuffing
  • Washington: Stuffing with apples
  • Washington D.C.: Country bread stuffing
  • West Virginia: Cornbread dressing
  • Wisconsin: Turkey stuffing
  • Wyoming: Savory herb stuffing

Whether you are a traditionalist or like to go a bit edgier, Thanksgiving stuffing seems to be on a lot of plates. Here’s what you need to add to your Thanksgiving shopping list.

Stuffing Recipes to Try
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