These Are Literally the Most Popular Christmas Recipes in America

Can you guess what Christmas recipes people love most?

Preparing for Christmas means wrapping gifts, hanging decorations and lighting candles—but also planning a perfect holiday menu for guests. Every family has holiday standards that appear on the table year after year, but it’s worth the risk to try a popular new dish! researched the Christmas recipes most popular with America’s home cooks. If you’re looking for a top-rated recipe that’s sure to make a fabulous first impression, look no further than the trending meats, treats and sweets that make up the year’s most popular Christmas recipes:

Christmas Crack

If your guests have a sweet tooth, Christmas crack is the addictive treat you need. It’s a nut cluster covered in melted chocolate, that has the crunchy texture of a Snickers bar and the peanut butter flavor of a Reese’s cup. Just throw the ingredients in a Crockpot for a low-maintenance dessert that will let you focus on your holiday prep.

Prime Rib Au Jus

Prime rib looks impressive but is actually quite simple to make. With a delicious sauce to serve on the side, it makes the ideal main dish for your holiday dinner. The key to getting the perfect prime rib is leaving it in the oven even after it has reached the desired temperature. Then, 30 minutes before serving, re-heat the oven to 375° to create the perfect herb-crusted outer layer.

Christmas Quesadillas

Bear with us—quesadillas might not be what you think of when preparing your holiday menu. But they might be worth a shot to use up some leftovers. Put chunks of baked turkey, spoons of cranberry sauce and slabs of brie in a tortilla to remix a classic dish.

Find our Test Kitchen’s recipe here.

Beef-Bottom Round Roast

This top-rated roast beef recipe can be made in two steps with only four ingredients—but it tastes like it took all day! Serve with roasted vegetables or a festive salad.

Christmas Divinity

Even though it’s been trending on the web for 2018, our recipe for divinity comes all the way from 1955. With red and green candied cherries mixed with chopped nuts, these old fashioned clusters are the essential melt-in-your-mouth dessert. Serve in a festive dish to let this treat double as a decoration!

Peanut Butter Balls

Your tree ornaments aren’t the only baubles to keep in mind this winter. Try a trendy recipe and make a creamy, crunchy dessert like these peanut butter balls. With only two steps, they’re a simple holiday treat that will tempt your guests to ask for the recipe.

Looking for something with more crunch? This version of the recipe uses salty pretzels for a texture twist.

Homemade Eggnog

It’s easy enough to pick up a carton of eggnog at the store, but it’s much more delicious—and satisfying—to make the treat yourself. Serve to guests with whipped cream, candy-striped straws and a dust of nutmeg for a restaurant-worthy sip. Find our favorite recipe here.

Cranberry Christmas Cake

Elevate the basic cake mix in your pantry with this top-rated recipe. It combines delicious layers of fluffy white cake with sweet cranberries and crunchy walnuts, all coated with layers of cream cheese frosting.

Can’t get enough of cranberries? Their red color makes them a perfect ingredient and decoration: place a candle in a glass dish and surround with store-bought cranberries for a creative winter centerpiece.

Honey-Baked Ham

There’s no better way to eat ham than with a crunchy sugar glaze. The secret to this recipe is the mustard and vinegar, which provide the perfect acidic edge to complement the sweet crust.

Here’s our best recipe for Christmas ham!

Rum-Glazed Sugar Cookies

There’s nothing that screams “Christmas” more than rum-glazed cookies made with eggnog. This deliciously festive recipe can be made into any shape for your decorating pleasure. If you’re not a fan of eggnog, try a rum-glazed fruitcake cookie instead for a traditional English treat.

Which One Will You Make?

Hopefully this list inspires you to put something new on the table this year. And if you’re in the mood for more popular recipes, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas recipes from each state!

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