This Map Shows the Most Popular Christmas Movie in Every State

Is your favorite Christmas movie on the map?

For some of us, the holiday season means embarking on marathon baking sessions. It’s the perfect reason to eat gingerbread cookies and drink egg nog in December! For other people, the obsession is with holiday decor, like this nostalgic ceramic Christmas tree. But all of us can agree on one thing: ’tis the season to watch Christmas movies!

We recently shared which Christmas dessert is tops in each state. Now we have the details on everyone’s favorite Christmas movies.

Are You a Fan of Elf or Die Hard?

Using data from IMDB and Google Trends, Comparitech crunched the numbers to create a map of the most popular Christmas movie in every state.

Of course, Home Alone took the top spot in nine states, including Texas, Florida and New York. But other states went with the classics:

  • Maine and Wisconsin picked It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street was tops in Delaware
  • Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Polar Express also got shout-outs

Die Hard, a controversial pick since not everyone agrees it even is a Christmas movie, was tops in Alaska and two other states. This makes us want to start a holiday movie marathon ASAP, complete with recipes inspired by classic Christmas movies.

What’s New This Year?

Whether we liked it or not, this has been a year for staying indoors. That’s why there’s not much guilt associated with hunkering down in November and December and curling up with some good streaming content. Netflix made it easy by releasing new Christmas movies this holiday season, and Hallmark really outdid themselves by rolling out 40 (40!) all-new Christmas movies in 2021. Plus, CBS’ Christmas specials have all your favorite classics lined up. Happy viewing!

Recipes for a Christmas Eve Movie Night
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