This Minneapolis School Asked for Food Donations, and the Community Came Through in a BIG Way

Just one email asking for help went viral... and the rest is history.

Right now, watching the news can be tough. Between the protests and COVID-19 updates, sometimes it’s hard to read the headlines. But then, there are inspiring stories like this one that restore our hope for the future.

Given the recent events in its neighborhood, Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis asked for food donations to support its students. The surrounding community gave them MUCH more than they asked for! Read on for more about this heartwarming story of neighbors helping neighbors.

What Happened at the School?

It all started when one parent emailed the school to request food donations for kids. Because of the recent riots, many stores in the area were forced to close down and families had a hard time finding places to get food. The school initially requested 85 meal kits—but after local news reports and viral social media posts, the school ended up with enough food for thousands of meals. 30,000 meals, in fact!

On donation day, a line of cars waiting to drop off food stretched for 14 blocks around the school. In the face of such an overwhelming amount of donations, the school joined forces with The Sheridan Story—a Minnesota organization dedicated to fighting child hunger—to distribute the food. Sanford’s principal has also encouraged anyone in the community who needs help to stop by and pick up what they need.

How Can I Help?

Even if you’re not in Minneapolis, there are ways to get involved. The Sheridan Story takes donations on its website, and it also lists several other ways people can help with their mission. Several restaurants in Minneapolis were damaged by rioters, and people are hosting fundraisers to repair damage to buildings and support minority-owned businesses. You can check out the GoFundMe pages for Midtown Global Market, DuNord Craft Spirits and Town Talk Diner and Gastropub, which saw a sign that dated back to the 1930s destroyed during riots.

Plenty of Minneapolis-based organizations in need of donations and volunteers are listed here. Be safe!

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