Mini Pop-Tarts Cereal From The ’90s Is Making A Comeback In Stores

Children of the '90s rejoice, because we're all finally getting back one of our nostalgic breakfast cereal favorites.

At Walmart, you can find boxes of mini Pop-Tarts cereal back on grocery store shelves after a long hiatus. First introduced back in 1994, the sugar-laden treats have been gone for over twenty years, but the demand to get crowd-favorite, discontinued cereals back in stores revived this variant.

The Pop-Tarts Cereal comes frosted and with a filling inside each piece based on the flavor you choose. There are currently two you can pick from: Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, some of the most classic flavors of the iconic toaster pastry.

It’s not exactly the same as enjoying a freshly baked Pop-Tart, but it’s still a tasty bite of the past we’re down to dig into once again.