How to Make Meringue Animals That Float in Your Cocoa Like Marshmallows

Who needs marshmallows?

Who would’ve thought that TikTok would become a truly great source for culinary inspiration? During the pandemic, we were entertained by learning how to make pancake cereal, fluffy cloud bread and even mind-blowing pancake portraits.

The latest trend to catch our fancy involves making tiny meringue animals!

Meringue Animals Are Better Than Marshmallows

The first video from @cookingwithamyy that grabbed our attention featured tiny pink pigs made out of meringue. They are so adorably chubby, with just enough detail on the ears, nose and little legs to make us fall in love.

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The edible pigs were just the gateway, though. This TikTok creator does other amazing things with meringue that she calls “floaties” because she puts them in cups of coffee and cocoa to bob around like marshmallows. Other absolutely sweet creations include weenie dog floaties with little flappy ears and even dinosaur floaties.

How Can I Make My Own?

Did you know meringue is simply sugar and egg white? The recipe is not super hard to master, but it’s good to know some of the tips like using older eggs, making sure they come to room temperature and using a clean metal or glass mixing bowl. If you want to try your hand at crafting meringue animals, you’re going to need to make a stiff version using cream of tartar.

While meringue is the foundation of these creations, you’ll need the right food coloring to bring them to life, as well. And if you’re not a pastry chef, you’ll also want to make sure your piping bag skills are up to snuff. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect!

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