Meghan Markle’s Favorite Bakery Is Now Delivering “Isolation Cakes”

Netflix and chocolate cake? Yes.

Like most people, you’re probably in self-isolation right now. You’re either working from home, or you have a lot more free time on your hands than you ever thought possible. You’ve already rooted through your pantry for the fifth time today, deciding between snacking on the same stuff you’ve been eating for days or risking a trip to the grocery store.

It’s at times like this that desserts are needed most. Just a slice of cake is the perfect treat to add sunshine to any cloudy day! And now, Meghan Markle’s favorite bakery is offering “isolation cakes” for folks who need a little pick-me-up.

Where to Find the Isolation Cakes

If you follow the royal family, you already know the business we’re referring to: Luminary Bakery. Meghan is a fan of their mission to help women with social and economic disadvantages get back on their feet by teaching them how to bake. It’s a great cause, and at a time like this, everyone can appreciate that.

We can also appreciate a good dessert, and Luminary’s isolation cakes look absolutely heavenly. They’re available in “small-family size” because hey, that’s the only gathering allowed right now. The available flavors include lemon and blueberry, sticky toffee, carrot and Victoria sponge.

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Or… You Can Bake Your Own!

One cake will cost £50. Why not $50? Well, Luminary Bakery is in London, and while the cakes are available for delivery, they only deliver within a 10-mile radius. We know. We’re sad, too.

Just because you can’t eat this isolation cake doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. If you’re drooling thinking about a lemon and blueberry cake, try this recipe for a lemon-blueberry Bundt. Did the carrot cake catch your eye (and your taste buds)? We recommend this classic carrot cake.

You might not be able to order one of the actual isolation cakes Meghan Markle adores. But all cake is good cake, especially if it’s made with love. We wholeheartedly support anyone who is baking through these trying times!

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