We Tried the Top Meal Prep Delivery Services—Here’s What We Thought

Meal prep delivery services are all the rage right now—but are they worth it? We tested some of the top brands to find out.

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Anyone with a busy schedule can understand the appeal of meal prep delivery services—pre-portioned ingredients to make healthy meals, delivered right to your door? Sign us up!

There are a lot of meal delivery kits to choose from these days, catering to just about every want, need and dietary preference. Even retailers like Amazon and Walmart are coming out with their own meal kits!

We know what you’re wondering (because we did, too): What is the best prepared meal delivery service? What is the healthiest meal delivery service? How much is a meal prep service, and which meal delivery service is cheapest? To answer these questions and make your choice a little easier, we tested out four of the most popular brands to see if they’re worth the money. Here are our thoughts.

Best for Empty Nesters: Green Chef

Green Chef stands out from the crowd thanks to its certified organic ingredients and diverse meal plans. You can choose from standard or vegetarian plans, but the company also offers keto, paleo and “balanced living” menus. But what about the taste?

First, we made the Teriyaki Pork Patties, and here’s what one of our testers had to say: “It was delicious! The salad was really great: crunchy kale with pineapple chunks. That wasn’t my typical go to salad, but it was amazing. Then the teriyaki pork patties: I was surprised at how juicy and flavorful they were!”

We also tested out the Moroccan Stir Fry: “This recipe checked all the boxes for flavor, texture, even visuals. It had a bit of spice and some unusual flavors (if you’re used to American comfort food), so this meal may not have been for everyone, especially little kids.”

Price: Starts at $9.99 per serving + $7.99 for shipping and handling


  • Fresh ingredients
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Unique flavors
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Limited meal selection on certain plans
  • Specialty plans are more pricey
  • Not necessarily family-friendly

Best for Dietary Restrictions: Sun Basket

Sun Basket is another meal delivery service that focuses on healthy, sustainably sourced ingredients. Of all the boxes we tested, they also offer the widest variety of meal plans, including gluten-free, paleo, carb-conscious, diabetes-friendly, Mediterranean and more options.

However, we weren’t wowed by the delivery. In all three of the recipes we tested, there were either missing or completely wrong ingredients, forcing us to go off-recipe or stop by the market to replace them.

Some of the recipes we tested were tasty, like the Hawaiian Tuna Bowls with Brown Rice and Nori: “The marinade sauce is sooo good I wish there was twice as much as there is. Definitely a lot of toppings and a lot of rice.”

Other meals, such as the Saimin Noodle Soup, were a bit underwhelming: “Tasty, but lacking. I think it could have used more of the noodle sauce it came with. I found myself having to add salt and pepper to taste, and even then it was still not super flavorful.”

Price: Starts at $10.99 per serving + $5.99 delivery fee


  • Caters to many dietary preferences
  • Certified organic produce and sustainably/responsibly sourced protein
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Lunch, breakfast, and snack add-ons


  • Wrong and/or missing ingredients
  • Lacked flavor
  • Requires a lot of prep dishes

Best Budget-Friendly: EveryPlate

Most meal prep delivery services charge around $10 per serving, so you might be surprised to see that EveryPlate is just $4.99 per serving—what gives? They claim they’re able to offer these low prices thanks to a limited meal selection—just eight recipes per week—but we wanted to see if the taste quality was on par with the other services.

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the delicious flavors of Ponzu Glazed Pork Meatballs: “The directions were clear and simple and the meal was quick to make. It even felt elevated, as the steps called for carrot ribbons—when usually I would have cut mine into medallions.”

The Mexican Street Corn Tacos didn’t disappoint, either: “Flavor was good! Definitely a step up flavor-wise from my typical taco night. It was nice to have all of the little extras I normally don’t think to buy, like sour cream and jalapeno.”

Price: Starts at $4.99 per serving + $8.99 shipping fee


  • Tasty recipes
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Large portions


  • Lots of packaging waste
  • Not the freshest ingredients
  • Limited meal selection
  • High calorie count on some meals

Best for Families: Hello Fresh

Finally, there’s Hello Fresh, which is one of the big-name meal kits that’s been around for years. They offer a large variety of meals to choose from, including both simple and more diverse dishes. Plus, their servings are on the more affordable side, and they offer a few different plans, including family-friendly and calorie-smart options.

Our testers were really impressed with the Crab Cakes and Chesapeake-Style Mayo: “This was amazing! The crab cakes were crispy on the outside and felt like restaurant-quality. The Chesapeake-style mayo was delicious and made a huge difference.”

Price: Starting at $7.49 per serving + $6.99 shipping fee


  • Less expensive
  • More recipe choices
  • Great flavor
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Good portion sizes
  • Family-friendly options


  • Not the freshest ingredients
  • Sometimes sends more of an ingredient than needed

No matter your needs, dietary restrictions or personal tastes, there’s a meal prep delivery service that will please your taste buds and stay within your budget. But if you’d rather stick to prepping your own recipes, our meal planning guide is a must-read.

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