McDonald’s Is Now Selling Tubs of Melted Cheddar Cheese Perfect for Pairing with Your McNuggets

All I want for Christmas is....melted McDonald's cheddar cheese!

Right now, some of us may be wishing for a car, an iPhone 12 or video games this holiday season. But I know what I want for Christmas—and it’s not what you might think. I hope Santa comes down my chimney and puts something simple under my tree: a tub of McDonald’s cheddar cheese.

This is a real thing at McDonald’s, and I’m here to tell you all about it. So take that boring old barbecue sauce and tell it to hit the road. There’s something cheesy over the horizon!

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What Even Is the McDonald’s Melted Cheddar Cheese?

Basically everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Listen, we all love a bit of nacho cheese on the side of whatever we’re eating. Tortilla chips? Yup. French fries? Um, yes. Burgers, nuggets and everything else on the menu of a fast-food restaurant? Count me in!

It’s a wonder we didn’t have such a thing before, isn’t it? While this may seem like the total dream come true, there is a catch. It’s only available in Brazil for the time being.

Yes, I know, I’ve shed a few tears myself already.

According to a few McDonald’s customers who have already experienced this masterpiece, there’s more than enough cheese for everything you order. Honestly, my mouth is watering just thinking about dipping all my fries in there!

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McDonald’s, We Need That Melted Cheese ASAP

McDonald’s, if you’re out there, listen to our plea. We NEED that tub of melted cheddar goodness!

Currently, we’re unsure if it’s going to be a permanent menu item in Brazil, or if it’s just a taste test to see how many popular it is. Either way, we can’t get our minds off of the McDonald’s cheddar cheese. Hopefully it makes its way over to the States soon. Fingers crossed!

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