McDonald’s Is Making a Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry That’s PINK

The Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry is made with pink-chocolate Kit Kat candy bars and a swirl of raspberry sauce.

McDonald’s has a classic menu ranging from Big Macs to McChicken and, of course, the McFlurry. The fast food chain has expanded its menu in recent years, particularly the desserts. Along with the signature McFlurry flavors of M&M’s and Oreo, McDonald’s also released a Snickerdoodle McFlurry over the holidays, and is testing the vegan Strawberry McFlurry overseas.

The Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry is next!

What’s in the Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry?

The newest iteration of the Kit Kat McFlurry includes chunks of the pink-chocolate Ruby Kit Kat candy bars and a sweet raspberry sauce. This dessert is all wrapped up in creamy vanilla ice cream.

We know it’s not unusual for Kit Kats to come in some interesting flavors. The Ruby Kit Kat bars were released in Japan and Korea in 2018 before making their way to Europe, and they’re too pretty to ignore. Their unique color comes from the Ruby cocoa bean, which, along with its soft pink color, also has a berry flavor.

The latest McFlurry will be fruitier than its siblings, but honestly, we don’t mind!

Where Can I Find This Pink McFlurry?

The Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry was originally released in Japan in 2013 before it was sadly discontinued. But luckily, it’s recently made a comeback. Currently, they’re being tested in Germany.

We’re not quite sure when they’ll make their way to the United States. After everything we’ve learned about this McFlurry, though, patience is going to be impossible!

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