McDonald’s Is Selling a Chocolate Brownie McFlurry Topped with Brownie Chunks

We're obsessed with the Chocolate Brownie McFlurry at McDonald's! But there's only one place to find this menu item.

We think dessert can be enjoyed any time of day. Lucky for us, McDonald’s agrees and keeps delighting us with treats like the Doughnut Ball McFlurry and the Chips Ahoy McFlurry. Now, the McDonald’s dessert menu is even sweeter thanks to the addition of the Chocolate Brownie McFlurry!

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What’s in the Chocolate Brownie McFlurry?

The name says it all. This incredible McFlurry combines cool vanilla soft serve with generous swirls of chocolate syrup, topped with whole brownie chunks. While we haven’t had the pleasure of sampling one just yet, the reviews are making our mouth water.

Instagram user @feedingyourboo says, “This was honestly one of the most satisfying McFlurries I’ve ever had…super chocolaty and the brownie pieces in there were a great touch.”

Many people are raving about the brownies themselves, highlighting the soft and chewy texture. “Highly recommend!” says Instagram user @foodstory_my.

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When Can We Try One?

Sadly, this chocolaty McFlurry is only being offered in Malaysia. A brownie-filled McFlurry was released in Taiwan earlier this year, so maybe a version will work its way to the U.S. soon. For now, we’ll have to add it to the going list of global McDonald’s desserts we’re anxious to try.

You can always BYOB—bring your own brownie—the next time you order a McFlurry and mix up your own version. With so many creative brownie recipes available, the options are endless. We’re going to try breaking up this peppermint brownie as a topper for our next McFlurry. Yum!

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