The 2 for $5 Deal at McDonald’s Is So Good, We’re Lovin’ It

McDonald's brought back its 2 for $5 deal. You have to see the four Mix & Match menu items!

McDonald’s is about to launch a new Mix & Match 2 for $5 menu, and it features four classic menu items you definitely know and love. McDonald’s is known for not only offering the best-tasting Coke around, but also good deals that keep us all coming back.

What’s on the Menu?

It’s the first time that all of the chain’s most popular choices have been offered together! Starting now, you can order two of the following things for only $5:

  • Big Mac
  • 10-piece Chicken McNuggets
  • Filet-O-Fish
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Sorry—no McLobster, though.

Previously, McDonald’s had offered a similar Mix & Match deal for $5, as well as the McPick 2 for $2 menu. But the deal never included the Quarter Pounder. We couldn’t be more excited about the lineup!

In a Twitter poll, 46% of McDonald’s fans voted that they’re most excited to see the Chicken McNuggets as part of the deal, followed by the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Filet-O-Fish. The Big Mac and Quarter Pounder have even had a healthy makeover, too.

It’s unclear how long McDonald’s will have the 2 for $5 deal, so you need to head over to your Mickey D’s and take advantage of the value ASAP!

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