Heinz Is Officially Launching Mayochup—Here’s How to Get the First Taste

Back in April, Heinz announced that Mayochup was coming to the U.S. But where, you ask? Here's how to make sure it's at a store near you.

Like any good American, you probably add ketchup and mayo to hot dogs, hamburgers and so much more. And like any good American company, Heinz has figured out a way to make that process a little bit easier: by combining two of our favorite condiments—ketchup and mayonnaise—into Mayochup.

The ketchup/mayonnaise combo was already available overseas, so Heinz decided to gauge stateside interest with a Twitter poll. “Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for ‘yes’ and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.”

After the yes vote won in a 55-45 split, Heinz asked for input on the name of their new sauce. The votes were tallied, and Mayochup stuck it out for the win. Now, all we want to know is…

Who’s gonna get Mayochup first?

Just like they did to gauge popularity and find a name for their ketchup-mayo delight, Heinz is asking Twitter users to decide what city will get Mayochup first.

So far, the top contenders are Chicago, Brooklyn, and Culver City, California. The way to make sure your town is among them? VOTE!

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What can’t you do with this new condiment?

Of course, Heinz didn’t invent the concept of combining ketchup and mayonnaise. Lots of people have been using it as a condiment or dipping sauce for years, calling it names like fry sauce. If this saucy talk has gotten you hungry, you can mix up some ketchup and mayo yourself and use it to complement french fries of all shapes and sizes (here’s the brand you should be buying). Or slather it on your next burger.

So do you think you’ll opt for this new combo or just continue to mix these classics together at home?

Put your own mayochup on these grilling favorites.
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