Mary Berry and Kate Middleton May Be Hosting a Holiday Cooking Special Together

We can't wait to see what the BBC is baking up!

Could Mary Berry (baking royalty) actually be teaming up with Kate Middleton (actual royalty) for a semi-secret holiday television project?

If the Daily Mirror rumors are to be believed, the former judge from The Great British Baking Show and the Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to appear on a holiday special that will air on BBC1.

Based on the working title, The Mary Berry Royal Christmas Show, it’s not hard to guess the details!

What Are the Delicious Details?

Because “royal” is in the title, it would be fair to assume the holiday special will take place in a grand setting. Trading an outdoor tent for a castle, perhaps? Maybe even Buckingham Palace? The show’s premise involves Kate Middleton and Mary Berry preparing a Christmas meal for charity volunteers hard at work during the holidays. There might even be a few guest stars. Could it be Paul Hollywood? Prince George? We can only dream.

According to The Sun, this won’t be the first time the duo works together. They are said to have met in 2013 and bonded over charity work. It makes perfect sense that The Mary Berry Royal Christmas Show will create a feast for volunteers spreading goodwill!

When Will the Show Air?

In the U.K., the special is likely scheduled to air on the BBC in December. We don’t know yet when or where it will be airing on this side of the pond.

Great British Baking Show fans who are experiencing withdrawal will have to wait patiently for more details to emerge—like whether the special will be available to stream. We hope for no technical challenges.

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