Martha Stewart Is Getting a Gardening Show on HGTV—Here’s When to Watch

It's called Martha Knows Best, because she does.

OK, let’s face it: There’s not a whole lot to watch on TV right now. It seems like all the drama shows are on hiatus until fall, and with COVID-19 creating filming delays, who knows whether they’ll return in September? We’ve been scouring Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services for anything that’s fresh… and we’ve paid for a month of Disney+ just to watch Hamilton.

In this TV show desert, a new program has emerged as a potential oasis: Martha Stewart is getting a new gardening show on HGTV, and we’re ready to watch.

It’s True: Martha Knows Best

We all knew that, but HGTV is so sure that they’ve made those three words the title of her show. Martha Knows Best will see Martha on her Bedford farm, completing projects in quarantine just like the rest of us. Stewart said the goal of the program is to show viewers how to incorporate select housekeeping tactics into their everyday lives, and let’s face it: If Martha does it, we’re all going to do it, too. We also follow her rules when it comes to cooking.

Martha fans will also be happy to hear she’s returning to Chopped as a judge, and will have her own holiday series on Food Network. Hooray!

When Can I Watch?

Martha Knows Best premieres on HGTV on Friday, July 31. The episode airs at 9 p.m., so grab a pen and paper, because you’re going to want to take notes!

For now, never fear—there’s still plenty of programming to watch. Check out this list of the most popular cooking shows (some of them are definitely available to stream) or these fab Netflix food shows.

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