Mars Just Unveiled Three New Ice Cream Flavors—Here’s What We Thought

You can now enjoy iconic M&M, Twix and Dove candies in ice cream form.

Just a week ago, Mars shook things up by introducing a limited edition “all-female” M&M pack, that featured a new purple M&M character. Now they’re shaking up the ice cream space, by adding three new ice cream flavors to its roster, under the brands M&M’s, Twix and Dove.

M&M’s cookies and cream ice cream cookie sandwiches, Dove mini sticks and Twix cookie dough ice cream have already begun to hit retail shelves, with nationwide availability expected in March. It’s a sweet start to the new year!

What Are Mars’ New Ice Cream Flavors?

The trio of new flavors are Dove Mini Sticks with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate and almonds, Twix Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and M&M’s Cookies and Cream ice cream cookie sandwiches.

The Dove Mini Sticks dark chocolate and almond combo is the first of its kind and comes in packs of six. Pulling inspiration from the recently released Twix Cookie Dough bars, Twix Cookie Dough Ice Cream is a delicious pint of soft cookie dough bites, real chopped Twix bars, creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel. M&M’S Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches offer a multi-texture experience, with M&M’S chocolate candies, baked chocolate cookies, cookie pieces and creamy rich ice cream in one place.

Here’s What We Thought

We had our favorites in the taste test of Mars’ new ice cream flavors. The Twix Cookie Dough Ice Cream was wonderful, featuring a dense swirl of flavors and textures and the crunch of the Twix bar. I could see eating a whole pint of this in one sitting.

The rich dark chocolate and nutty shell of the Dove Mini Sticks were a perfect match with the vanilla ice cream underneath, and the “mini” size was perfectly snack-sized (though I ended up eating a second one). Those two flavors were far and away my favorites.

The M&M’S Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, however, were a little lackluster. They felt a little thrown together, with only a smattering of tiny M&Ms and a cookie that was a little soggy. But it was still very tasty. Give all of them a try on your own and see what you think!

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