Walmart Has Mamava Pods to Give Moms Privacy to Nurse or Pump In-Store

FYI: Mamava pods are free for mamas!

We all know it’s hard being a new mom. From trying to figure out how much your baby should eat to finding the right foods to eat while breastfeeding, it can be difficult to get through the day. (Not to mention the whole “no sleep” thing.) That’s why we’re so glad Walmart added Mamava “lactation suites” to some of its stores.

In 2020, the chain announced that it would install Mamava pods in a range of locations across the U.S. Now, about 90 stores have them! The pods were inspired by an employee herself, and are in place to give busy moms—both customers and employees—some privacy to breastfeed or pump during the day. Here’s how they work.

Want more details on your local store? Here are the secrets Walmart employees won’t tell you.

How the Pods at Walmart Work

mamava pod at walmartCourtesy Walmart

Like we mentioned, not all Walmart stores host these private stations, but a whole bunch of them do!

The breastfeeding pods are provided through a company called Mamava. Each pod contains two benches, a fold-down table and a mirror. There are also outlets with USB ports, for phone charging or power for pumps, plus airflow and lighting controls to keep moms comfortable.

If your local Walmart has one of these pods in-store, you can access it through the Mamava app. After downloading the app, you’ll be able to see what stores near you have pods and if they’re vacant. And you can unlock a vacant pod through the app with a simple tap if your hands are full.

How Much Does Mamava Cost?

Mamava pods are free for mamas. The pods are purchased and maintained by Walmart for customers to use. Just download the Mamava app to see if your local Walmart has a pop for you to use on your next grocery trip!

Where Can I Find One?

mamava pod at walmartCourtesy Walmart

You can find the Mamava pods at Walmart, of course. You can find them in other places, too—like museums, hospitals, airports and even college campuses.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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