Best Home Cooks: Mallory Oniki

You might recognize Mallory Oniki as the queen of Crumbl cookie copycats. Meet one of Taste of Home's Best Home Cooks and find out what drove her to share her delicious creations with the world.

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As both a mother and a foodie, Mallory Oniki has found a happy balance between healthy eats and sweet-tooth satisfiers. She’s also a sucker for a good kitchen knife. Mallory documents her cooking journey on the The Palatable Life and on Instagram, where her food pics are sure to stop you in your scroll.

Taste of Home: What is your favorite thing to cook or bake?

Mallory Oniki: I love making anything with brown buttersavory and sweet. I love the flavor of brown butter and am obsessed with how it elevates any dish. I also love to make my miso caramel sauce! It is therapeutic to make and tastes incredible.

TOH: What’s your signature recipe?

MO: I am best known for my cookies. I’m obsessed with cookies and love to make them. A few of my favorites are my chilled peach pie cookies, coffee cake cookies and tahini chocolate chip cookiesn And my Crumbl copycat went viral!

TOH: Do you have a favorite person to cook for?

MO: I love cooking for my husband and daughter! My daughter is almost 1 year old and loves to eat everything! They are my best taste testers.

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TOH: Is there a cooking skill you want to master?

MO: I want to butcher a whole chicken! I am admittedly scared of raw chicken. I’m always stressed I haven’t cleaned up enough so I over-clean. So I haven’t spent much time learning how to prepare a whole chicken. That is the next skill I want to tackle—face my fears!

TOH: What’s a kitchen hack that you now live by?  

MO: I like using a milk frother to mix vinaigrettes. It emulsifies them so quickly!

TOH: What is something you no longer buy because you know you can make it better at home?

MO: Cinnamon rolls! I have the best brown butter cinnamon rolls recipe. And salad—I have a few great salad recipes I love making at home that are pretty killer.

Get a peek into Mallory’s kitchen by following her on Instagram @thepalatablelife. Then meet more of Taste of Home‘s Best Home Cooks and nominate someone you admire.

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