We Can’t Wait to Sip Watermelon Malibu All Summer Long

Perhaps a Malibu Watermelon spritzer will get me ready for some time out in the sunshine!

One of the most quintessential flavors of summer always has been—and always will be—watermelon. Not only is it the most refreshing fruit to snack on, but it’s super tasty and easy to bring with you for beach trips and sporting events. Even if things can get a little messy when cutting a watermelon, that makes it all the more fun! I remember my mom always bringing some watermelon slices to softball tournaments for a healthy snack between games.

Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I can safely say I love watermelon-flavored sippers as much as I loved the real thing as a kid! Good thing Malibu officially granted my wish last year with their watermelon-flavored rum.

Water You Drinking this Summer?

It’s no shock that we love Malibu as much as we do. The coconut Caribbean rum is popular by name alone. It’s always been one of my favorite drinks for cocktails and mixed drinks during the summer. Then again, I do have a bit of a bias for coconut-flavored anything (and I absolutely love rum). Malibu loves to incorporate other fruity flavors into their coconut rum as well, and have even released their own line of sparkling cocktails.

A bottle of Watermelon Malibu is 750 mL and has 21% ABV. It’s already available on totalwine.com and may already be stocked on store shelves near you. You can grab a bottle for just $16.99. The best part? It’s available all year round.

Don’t forget the most important thing—what to mix it with.

How to Make a Cocktail That Tastes Like a Melon Bucks

While it seems that there are so many different drink recipes out there, we’re here to help you narrow it down to a few. You can make these drinks with a splash of Malibu Watermelon:

The wonderful thing about watermelon is its versatility. Pair it with other fruits, melons or whatever else you think might go well together. The summer is yours, so enjoy it!

Melany Love
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