The Shocking Reason Why You Need to Deep-Clean Your Instant Pot ASAP

You won't believe what could be growing in your Instant Pot if you don't regularly clean this part...

The Instant Pot is without a doubt one of the most convenient appliances in modern cooking. (Here’s our Test Kitchen’s favorite model.) But it could quickly become the most unsanitary appliance if proper cleaning practices are not implemented. It should go without saying: If a piece of culinary equipment is removable, it should be thoroughly cleaned regularly.

What Are You Forgetting to Clean?

The piece we’re talking about here is the condensation collector. What is that, you ask? When you bought your Instant Pot, it came with a few accessories such as a ladle, a rice paddle and the condensation collector. This is the clear plastic piece that does as the name suggests—it catches the condensation that occurs during cooking.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean It?

Every time you use your Instant Pot (perhaps for one of our favorite Instant Pot recipes) it produces steam which turns into condensation. The condensation has to have somewhere to go: ergo the condensation collector. Unfortunately, it is the perfect breeding ground for maggots. Ugh, gross.

Avoiding them is simple: Clean your pressure cooker (and all its removable parts) on a regular basis. According to Instant Pot, you simply need to hand-wash it with soap and water. Here’s how to deep-clean your Instant Pot.

If you want to start with a clean slate, buy a new condensation collector. Be sure to get one that’s the right size for your appliance.

As long as proper cleaning methods are implemented, you’re sure to have years of tasty meals to come. Especially if you know how to get the most out of your Instant Pot. Happy pressure-cooking!

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