Macy’s Is Closing 45 Locations This Year—Here’s What We Know About the Closures

Is this the end of an era for mall shoppers? The latest Macy's store closures will affect most of the country.

2020 was disastrous for plenty of reasons, and we’re still feeling the aftereffects. Beyond the global pandemic at large, another negative outcome has been watching many of our favorite stores close. Dunkin’ decided to close 800 of its locations, Starbucks closed stores and replaced them with drive-thrus and even McDonald’s hasn’t been immune to closures.

The latest casualty appears to be classic department store, Macy’s. Now we’re wondering what we will do without a Macy’s in every mall, especially around Christmastime. Don’t worry, though—there will still be plenty of Macy’s that stay open (at least for now).

Read on to find out the details behind Macy’s store closures.

Why Is Macy’s Closing Stores?

While this isn’t exactly sudden news—125 closures by 2023 were announced early last year—the latest reports make it more real. Now, an estimated 45 Macy’s locations will be closing as soon as the middle of 2021. This is in addition to the roughly 30 stores the retailer closed in 2020.

The “why” is complicated, but essentially the success of department stores like Macy’s is tied to the performance of the malls that they’re in. And well, it’s not been a great time for malls. In addition to closing many mall locations, the retailer has also been testing smaller stores that aren’t in malls.

Is My Store on the Chopping Block?

The impending Macy’s closures span most of the country and include locations from Florida to Hawaii and everywhere in between. It looks like the state of Texas is one of the most impacted, with four stores closing. You can see the full list of closures here. While this might not be the end for Macy’s—like many businesses, they’re trying to focus on higher-trafficked locations—it is the end of an era for some shoppers.

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