Lucky Charms Has a Limited Edition Winter Flavor, Here’s Your First Look

The limited-edition Lucky Charms Chocolatey Winter flavor is available at Target and Walmart.

If you prefer the taste of Chocolate Lucky Charms to the original, you’ll love General Mills’ latest take on the cereal. Chocolatey Winter Lucky Charms have the best of both worlds—chocolate-flavored cereal and winter marshmallow shapes—for a breakfast that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Where Can I Buy the Lucky Charms Chocolatey Winter Cereal?

The flavor is available at Target for $2.99 and Walmart for $3.64. (The box at Walmart is a 21.2-oz Family Size box, though.) Both Target and Walmart show an option for in-store pickup, so you could have a bowl of Chocolatey Winter ASAP! Right now, the cereal is also listed on Amazon, but $19.99 doesn’t seem like such a great deal.

FYI—you can also buy just the marshmallows on Amazon.

What’s Different About the Holiday Flavor?

If you’re not a fan of holiday flavors like eggnog and peppermint, the Chocolatey Winter cereal might be good news. The winter aspect comes not from an added flavor, but from the marshmallows. The chocolate cereal comes in the traditional Lucky Charms shapes, while the marshmallows are shaped snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs.

And if you don’t love the idea of sugary cereal for breakfast, the newest Lucky Charms flavor would be delicious as a snack or a cereal bar. (It could also be an on-the-go treat—no judgment here!)

Lucky Charms isn’t the only cereal with a special flavor for the holidays—here’s what Cinnamon Toast Crunch is up to.

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