This GORGEOUS Christmas Tree Puts on a Light Show in Your Living Room

We're dreaming of a bright Christmas thanks to this gorgeous Light Show Christmas Tree!

If there’s one trend we can get on board with in 2020, it’s unusual Christmas trees. This year, we’ve seen Halloween trees, half Christmas trees, succulent Christmas trees and crochet Christmas trees (although those are more of a cute craft than a full-size decoration). Point being: the more left-of-center the tree, the more eye-catching it is—and the more we want to put it in our living room.

So it makes sense that we’re totally obsessed with this light show Christmas tree. It basically throws a holiday party for you, and what could be better than that?

There Are Tons of Color Combinations

If you’re worried about getting a lighted artificial tree and then disliking the color, worry not, because the Hammacher Schlemmer Light Show Christmas Tree boasts 23 different holiday light displays. You can choose from color combinations (the rainbow display is especially stunning) or you can opt for plain colors, like blue or green. That way, this glorious Tannenbaum pleases everyone, regardless of favorite color.

How does the tree do it? It features 1,441 fiber-optic tips, so there’s always plenty of light shining from its branches, and you can set the tree’s colors and “on” and “off” times with a controller. There’s pretty much no way not to be in the Christmas spirit with this in your house.

Where to Find a Light Show Christmas Tree

If your heart is already set on bringing this delightfully bright tree home for the holidays, you’re in luck, because Hammacher Schlemmer is taking pre-orders for it right now, and it’s set to ship at the end of the month.

Better yet, the tree comes in two sizes; there’s a 7-foot version for $599.95, and a 4.5-foot version for $349.95. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but artificial trees pay for themselves eventually, and Hammacher Schlemmer offers a lifetime guarantee. And let’s be honest—after getting an eyeful of this, Christmas just isn’t complete without a Light Show Tree!

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