Le Creuset Says Olive Oil Can Damage Your Expensive Pans—Here’s What You Need to Know

Pay attention to the oils you're cooking with.

Before you start cooking, it’s important to have the right equipment—and one kitchen essential is a good frying pan. The next step, of course, is to invest in the right cooking oils! Picking the best oil to fry food depends on the smoke point as well as the pan you’re using. But if you have particularly expensive pans, olive oil may be off the table.

Recently, cookware company Le Creuset warned that using olive oil to cook may damage your expensive pans.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Olive Oil

Le Creuset has recently spoken about the possible effects of using olive oil. When used to the point of smoking or burning, olive oil can leave an unsightly brown residue on your pan. This brown residue creates a barrier between the pan and the food and can cause the taste to change.

Italian kitchenware company Smeg also agreed with the sentiment. They recommend that customers not use olive oil when they cook as smoking could ruin the overall quality of the cookware.

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Does This Affect All My Pans?

It depends. If you use an oil past its smoke point, you could strip a nonstick pan of its Teflon coating. Doing so will essentially make the nonstick aspect obsolete—not ideal. Olive oil can also damage ceramic pots and pans by creating a carbonized layer over the bottom. If you cook with olive oil, make sure it’s over low to medium heat.

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What Oil Should I Use Instead?

Avocado oil and sunflower oil are two very good alternatives. Sunflower oil has a smoke point of 45o°F. Avocado oil has a smoke point of about 520°, over 100° higher than olive oil at 405°. It’s also one of the healthiest oils to cook with and can be great for deep-frying. Refined coconut oil only has a smoke point of up to 400°; however, it’s highly resistant to oxidation at high temps.

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