Le Creuset’s Factory to Table Sale Is Here

All the best Le Creuset items are going on sale, and the price tags WON'T break the bank! Save up to 50% off Le Creuset.

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When you think of Le Creuset cookware, you probably have visions of cozy European kitchens, high-end wedding registries and Dutch ovens in a rainbow of colors that can last a lifetime. There’s no doubt about it: Le Creuset is top of the line. (These are the best Le Creuset items for your kitchen.)

Le Creuset lovers, rejoice because all your favorite French cookware pieces are on sale right now. As in RIGHT now! Here’s everything you need to know to get your oven mitts on a piece of enamel cookware from the world famous line.

Don’t Miss out on the Le Creuset Factory to Table Sale!

Le Creuset just announced their Factory to Table Sale this morning, on April 6th. And the sale goes until supplies last. That means the faster you shop, the more likely you are to get a deal. Some of the items are marked 50% off! And yes, the sale items feature a lifetime warranty.

Why do people love Le Creuset?

Le Creuset is known for its beautiful, well-crafted and versatile enamel Dutch ovens. It created its first one in 1925, and still makes all of its Dutch ovens in the same foundry in France.

Sure, the cookware is pricy, but for good reason. Le Creuset’s products last for years, are made with distinct attention to detail and come in many eye-catching colors. It’s made with a chef’s comfort in mind: easy to clean, doesn’t require seasoning and has perfectly sized handles and knobs.

You can buy a Dutch oven today and likely pass it down to your grandchild. This line lasts for generations. Did we mention Le Creuset’s lifetime warranty?

Here’s What We’re Buying

Dutch Oven

Of course, Le Creuset’s signature item is first on our list: the Dutch oven. You can get this kitchen essential in many, many colors. We also like that some versions have pretty floral details. 


If you want to see Le Creuset on more than just your stovetop, you can get Le Creuset dinnerware. This collection comes in plenty of vibrant colors ready for mixing and matching. And it’s 50% off during the Le Creuset sale!

Signature Braiser

Looking for a great all-purpose pan that’s somewhere between your two favorites (you know them: a cast-iron skillet and a Dutch oven)? You’re looking for the Le Creuset braiser. This everyday pan is perfect for all kinds of cooking techniques. Use it to sear, simmer, saute, bake and, yes, braise.

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