We Tried Lay’s Poppables New Honey BBQ Flavor. Here’s What We Found.

One of our editors pops the crispy potato bites all day long. Here's what he thought of the new variety of Poppables.

My sister and I were noshing at the appetizer buffet at a family get-together when she muttered four words that changed my life forever, “Have you tried these?”

She passed me a bowl of waffle fry-like potato rounds called Poppables, and I was instantly hooked on the sea-salt-flavored burst of crunchy goodness. “I like the white cheddar ones, too,” she added.

Wait! Hold up! These addictive little bites come in TWO flavors? I was in heaven, and Lay’s Poppables became my new snacking staple and a bit of an obsession. (Want to create your own chip? Try these easy recipes.)

Billed as “perfectly poppable crispy potato bites,” bags of Poppables are now commonplace in my pantry, and they’re at the top of my snack-attack priority list. (Yes, I keep a list. Don’t judge me.)

You can imagine my excitement when Lay’s announced a third flavor of Poppables—Honey BBQ. (This is sounding desperate. Perhaps I need to get out more. Maybe find a hobby.)

I like honey. I like BBQ. I love Poppables. These chips should be great, right?

The Taste Test

I tore open the brick red bag of Honey BBQ Poppables within minutes of returning from the grocery store. Featuring the delightful shape and crispy texture I’ve come to crave, this new flavor didn’t disappoint.

Strong but not sharp; tangy but not spicy, the new Poppables are a homerun. A bold barbecue taste combined with hint of sweetness make Honey BBQ Poppables a perfect complement to the sea salt and white cheddar varieties.

I had a few friends over that night. (See? I do stuff!) Needless to say Poppables were on the snack table, but instead of serving one flavor, I combined all three in a large serving bowl. The combo of colors and flavors made for an instant snack mix.

Keep ‘Em Coming

What’s next Lay’s? Maybe a blue cheese Poppable to match the gusto of this incredible recipe for Blue Cheese Potato Chips? How about something with a pinch of white-chocolate sweetness like my favorite Potato Chip Clusters? Regardless, keep those new flavors coming!

Am I obsessed with Poppables? Maybe. Okay—yes—yes, I am. But I highly suggest giving Honey BBQ Poppables or any of these sensational, enjoyable, poppable potato crisps a try tonight.

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